The longer the partnership the worse the sex?

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The longer the partnership the worse the sex?
Lektor: Markus Henniger
Natočeno: 16.04.2016, Konference o sexuologické práci s tělem
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Dr. rer. nat. Markus Henniger, Couples Therapy, Sex Therapy, Sexological Bodywork

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Nahráno na konferenci o Sexuologické práci s tělem:

In long-term relationships it is a common phenomenon that sexual satisfaction decreases over time. This is not only a burden for the affected partners, but also a challenge for counseling and/or health services (like doctors, psychotherapists and public or private information and help centers).

Practice has shown that often there are two major reasons for the progressively diminished sexual satisfaction in long-term relationships: First, with increasing duration of the relationship the partners commonly develop a growing subjective feeling of security (i.e. binding, sureness of each other), which, of course, they consider absolutely worthy of being preserved. On the other side, it is often exactly this feeling of security that leads to routine and boredom, while - in contrast - maintenance of desire and passion is often fed by novelty, autonomy and curiosity. And, second, the experience of security in the partnership in general does not necessarily transfer to a experience of security and self-confidence in a couple's sexual togetherness (e.g. an open and relaxed acceptance and handling of different sexual fantasies and needs). Therefore many couples experience difficulties living a deep and open emotional intimacy.

Thus, couples (and supporting persons/institutions) are in a dilemma: How to maintain the positive aspects of the security pole and at the same time keep (or regain) passion, lust and desire in sexuality? And, how to develop and live a strong emotional intimacy, characterized by authenticity, trust and a appreciative dealing with (own and the partner's) fantasies, wishes, needs and fears?

In my presentation I will discuss how Sexological Bodywork can help by strengthening both polarities (security and desire), thereby allowing an integration of intimacy-based and lust-based sexuality. The resulting markedly increased variability of sexual options (and the possibility of conscious choice) in combination with a significantly deepened emotional intimacy level supports a persistent high sexual satisfaction also in in long-term relationships.

I will conclude that Sexological Bodywork provides strong and powerful tools to maintain an enduring sexual satisfaction in long-term partnerships.

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